Alabama Historic Ironworks
Commission Minutes

January 13, 2019

The Alabama Historic Ironworks Commission (AHIC) met at the Tannehill Museum at Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park on Sunday, January 13, 2019. Chairman Doug Behm called the meeting to order at 2:01 p.m.


Doug Behm–Chairman
Jeremy Wright–Vice-Chairman
Walter Anderton
Jack Bergstresser
Johnny Curry
Dr. James Day
Josh Dyer
Martin Everse
Stacye Hathorn
Benjamin Little
Clarence Nevels
Jerry Pow
Wilton Price
Charles Prickett
Jerry Tingle


Doug Behm

Josh Dyer

Stacye Hathorn

Walter Anderton

Jim Day

Marty Everse

Charles Prickett

Jack Wright

Ben Littleton

Johnny Curry

Wilton Price


Henry McCulley

Mrs. McCulley

John Morrison

Anna Sparks


Clarence Nevels

Jerry Pow

Jerry Tingle


Lisa Carroll

Brian Smith


Mr. Behm asked Jim Day to serve as parliamentarian for the meeting. Mr. Price opened with the invocation.

Approval of Minutes

Walter Anderton moved to approve the minutes from the July 2018 meeting. Johnny Curry seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Public Comment

Anna Sparks on behalf of Moses Gagakuma spoke again regarding renting the stable facility at Tannehill State Park. They are interested in running a stable business along with horse rides at Tannehill.

Facilities Committee

Doug Behm stated since October we have started repairing many things. The new sewer system is almost completed. Due to the amount of rain we have received, the contractor was unable to completely finish. AT&T came to Tannehill and suggested doing a survey for $1,800 to help improve internet and phone service. At this time, we are not wanting to spend that kind of money. The sewer lines leading to the new restroom in Farley Field had to be replaced. The Jefferson County Health Department now requires locking lids for septic tanks and so, they were upgraded. The steps leading down from the Museum to the playground were rebuilt. Major repairs on the train were accomplished. An upgraded form of QuickBooks was purchased. The furnace at the Peel cabin had to be replaced. State inventoried kitchen equipment in the Event Center and surplus vehicles will be run through the state surplus auction process as required by law.

Jeremy Wright said the progress of the Collins House has been more tedious than expected. Many logs were rotten in the middle. KyKenKee ran a lot of the logs for us. We lack one more log that will be delivered this week. Wayne’s Pest Control came out and looked at the Collins House and found evidence of termites. There were ants due to rotten wood. Wayne’s Pest Control wants to do a proposal for termite treatment on all cabins and facilities.

At Brierfield, the church needs the handicap ramp rebuilt because it does not meet state safety standards. We are also adding a front porch to the church. A tree limb fell on the roof at the Ashby Post Office and minor repairs need to be done to fix a leak. There were 3 bids done on this project and it will be completed by the end of the month.

We borrowed $400,000 on the original loan for the sewer. We have spent $366,000. There still has to be a fence put up once it is completed. Mr. Wright suggested putting crushed stone around the sewer to keep trees and such from growing to help with the maintenance.

Finance Committee

Mr. Everse stated that we are running in the black. He mentioned how important it is to receive any kind of funding from the state. Mr. Everse pointed out that Learning Center Fees along with Trade Days were down. Trade Days was due to weather. Employee salary totals were down. Employees have shouldered the brunt of the financial strain we have been under. All in all, we are in amazingly good shape to make it to the first Trade Days.

Personnel Committee

Charles Prickett deferred the presentation of Committee to Josh Dyer. Mr. Dyer stated that he was asked to lead the search committee for a new Park Director. Charles Prickett, James Day, Jack Wright and he had a meeting November 30, 2018 to discuss the process. Mr. Dyer proposed changing the title from Parks Administrator to Parks Superintendent in order for the title of the job to better match the duties. The current job description duties, however, were not to be changed. He further proposed a change in the educational requirements for the position from "requiring" a Bachelor’s degree to one of a "preferred" degree. And finally, he proposed a salary range increase to $65,000-$70,000 a year based on experience in an attempt to increase the number of qualified applicants. After much discussion of the aforementioned issues, Johnny Curry moved for adoption of the proposed changes. Jack Wright seconded. It passed unanimously. Josh Dyer offered to give anyone a copy of the Park Superintendent job description that wanted one. Mr. Dyer passed out a document titled Park Superintendent search progress. He plans to post the position opening on Craig’s List in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Mr. Dyer wanted it to be clear he would have to place the ads using his personal credit card at a cost of $25 at each location and asked to be reimbursed. Jack Wright moved to reimburse Josh Dyer for the expenses of placing the ads and Walter Anderton seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Doug Behm suggested posting on the State Employment Service and the University of Alabama employment sites because they are free. Josh Dyer hoped the Personnel Committee could give a recommendation for a new Parks Superintendent by the next Commission meeting.

Long Range Committee

Josh Dyer reported that the Ayres property adjacent to Tannehill has closed. Forever Wild will be calling for a survey of that property. Mr. Dyer would like to be a part of the process of putting out the boundary lines. Park staff has already dealt with taking down shooting houses and dealing with poachers. The first order of business for Forever Wild is to take down the buildings and other structures on the property. There is a barn that they will give the Park permission to use where it is but it cannot be moved and then used. There was a lot of discussion on what the property could be used for such as horse trails, bike trails, etc.

Legislative Committee

Johnny Curry reported that the new legislature had been elected and was in organizational session. Mr. Curry stated he would like the Commission to be included in the 2019-2020 budget.

Museum Committee

No report

New Business

Marty Everse moved the AHIC appoint Jack Bergstresser to the vacant position of Historian to serve for one year. Jack Wright seconded the motion. Motion carried. Dr. James Day introduced Stacye Hathorn as the Alabama Historic Ironworks Commission seat representative.

Next Meeting will be on April 7, 2019, 2:00pm

Meeting Adjourned 3:51 p.m.

By: Lisa Carroll, Secretary

By: Doug Behm, Chairman